11 May 2022

New blog


I’ve been meaning to move away from wordpress for years. I don’t use anything fancy on it, and a static site is both safer to host as can’t really get hacked and doesn’t need patching, as well as being potentially easier to host.

To this end, I’ve moved to Jekyll as it has an easy export from wordpress and can be hosted by github pages quite easily and therefore hosted very easily (including custom domains).

Comments in this case are via Gisgus, thanks to @calanais for suggesting this option.

The move would have been a lot easier had I not tried to several years ago and then ignored it, as it turns out that having old files from old themes checked in is quite a pain and overwrites all your new themes, and causes hours of debugging…

I’m sure there’s loads more to fix up on this, but for now I’ve got what I wanted - something I can easily add posts to, not have to worry about security, and migrates my old posts. Old comments are lost, but probably not really of much interest.

One other thing I wanted to acheieve in the move was preserving all old blog urls, and you can setup the posts to reflect the same wordpress url layout, so I’m hoping I can simply write an apache redirect url pattern to forward to me new blog domain