9 June 2010


by Anton Piatek

On the first May bank holiday this year a few friends from work, and some of their partners, decided that as most of us had not climbed Snowdon before that this would be a good time to do it (of course Andy had planned the trip months before and found an awesome cottage for the seven of us to stay in)

John and I arrived quite late on Friday night and spent a little while driving round the farm until we came across the correct farmhouse. Saturday saw the weather looking slightly worse than Sunday, so we decided (see photo of planning below) to do another walk – We ended up walking in a national park in Dyffryn



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img_11322{} img_11316

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On Sunday we actually did the walk up Snowdon, which although I found a bit tiring (probably the limit I could realistically do in my current state of unfitness) was also incredibly enjoyable



Note the small dog in the man's right hand


img_11491 img_11446


img_11421 img_11416

img_11422 img_11570

On Monday we decided we didn’t really want to head home early, so walked across the long foot/rail bridge at Barmouth before turning back when we realised the pub that was “just over the bridge” was actually ten miles further…


img_11585 img_11606

All the rest of the photos are on flickr (Wales), and if you can find the flickr map link you can browse around and where each photo was taken, as they are all geotagged (probably a first for me having had my GPS for a year)

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