25 January 2010

Amusing Mathematics videos

by Anton Piatek

So while I am sat on the sofa, my wife is watching mathematics videos from There are some rather amusing and clever videos so have a look when you get a chance.

Particularly clever are The Mathematics Love Song which attempts to explain love using group theory (which I vaguely remember from my degree)

Amazing Maths trick that proves 1=2 is one I have seen many times before
(in case you wondered, the proof fails because it is invalid to divide by 0 [strictly speaking you get an undefined result], so the proof must have an initial restriciton of a != b at the beginning to be valid (and therefore does not prove 1=2))

James Blunt also sings his Triangle song for Sesame Street, which is rather odd to listen to.

Mathematical Pie is rather interesting too (yes, it is a mathematical cover of American Pie)

Of course you shouldn’t miss the Abbott and Costello maths which is phoenomenal

tags: Humor - mathematics - videos