14 December 2009

Not X-Factor for Xmas No 1…

by Anton Piatek

So, some of you may have heard of the campaign for getting Rage Against the Machine to no1 in the UK charts for Christmas.

If you want to take part, have a look at the Facebook page for where you can buy a digital download of the track “Killing In The Name Of”

Now, part of me thinks this is great, lets get a real band to christmas number one (I don’t think I can remember what the last *real* band to do so was once you ignore all the Xfactor winners, tellytubbies and bob-the-builders). Another part of me thinks that perhaps this is just a publicity stunt for Rage Against the Machine. It is a real shame the band did not decide to give all money they got this week to charity!

Another part of me wonders if this is a bit of a social experiment, to see if the internet is more popular and influential than Simon Cowell and XFactor…

*Edit 17th Dec*

Interview on Radio 5:

Apparently Rage Against of the Machine are giving “the windfall” of proceeds from Killing in the name of to shelter

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