22 September 2009

Ubuntu Global Jam

by Anton Piatek

I recently noticed that 2nd-4th October is Ubuntu Global Jam. There is actually a meetup in Birmingham:

Ubuntu Global Jam – Birmingham (UK) – Source Guru
So, if you’re interested in helping make Ubuntu a better distro, and live in (or can travel to) the Birmingham Area in the UK, then you’re welcome to come along.

The Jam is on the 2nd-4th October, and we’ll be around on all three days….  Last year we had a great time, with refreshments (including beer) provided. Juggling penguins, and one person sleeping underneath the conference room table overnight. Hopefully we’ll also have the live Video Streams up and running again for anyone who can’t make it (or other Ubuntu Jams) to join in with!

However another question also occured – how much interest would there be in the south of England in order to try and organise one closer to home. We don’t really even need an official Ubuntu developer, as there is plenty of instructions and irc can provide access to developers real-time if we need them.

The only thing we need is a venue (I could possibly get use of the IBM site again) and enough people that want to contribute something to Ubuntu. The contribution could be packaging new programs, fixing bugs, raising bugs, improving documents, or translating documents (translation into British English anyone?)

tags: Linux - ubuntu