2 April 2009

Car photos

by Anton Piatek

On the weekend a few photographers from work got together to have a go at trying some car shots. We turned up with cars and cameras and started off with some shots by mounting the tripod onto the frame of the car

img_9207{} img_9182{}

Because of engine vibrations in the sports-car we decided to try the shots with the engine off, and the car just coasting fairy slowly. The shots from the side of the car weren’t bad, however the ones form the front did not have a slow enough shutter speed for the slow movement. Side-shots seem to work better as we had the car turning atight corner, so got some blur out of the rotation.


We then had a go at some panning shots, where someone drove the car past us and we took photos. Pretty much all my early ones were a bit rubbish.




I found it really tricky to do any shots closer to the car, and think I would have done better with a longer lens and being further back. If you are not in the centre of the arc the car is doing round you then you find the nose and/or tail of the car blurs quite easily when you are close

We also tried some tracking shots, where we were in the boot of a car, with the subject car following close behind – tip: don’t use a diesel as your lead car!

{} img_9484{}

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