25 September 2008

EA Hit with Class Action Lawsuit over Spore DRM

by Anton Piatek

EA Hit with Class Action Lawsuit over Spore DRM

…a class action lawsuit has been filed against Electronic Arts in federal court, which alleges the company defrauds its customers by not disclosing the installation of SecuROM copy protection as part of Spore’s installation.

“Consumers are given no control, rights or options over SecuROM,” the complaint continues. “The program is uninstallable. Once installed, it becomes a permanent part of the consumer’s software portfolio. Even if the consumer uninstalls Spore and entirely deletes it from their computer, SecuROM remains a fixture in their computer unless and until the consumer completely wipes their hard drive through reformatting or replacement of the drive.”

I wonder if I can join the lawsuit? I only use my windows image for playing spore, so probably don’t care that the copy protection software is not removable. I am more bothered that I can only install Spore 3 times (ever), as I will likely delete windows (hard disk failure?) and then later decide I want to play spore again (at least I have with all other good games – Quake II, StarCraft, Diabo II, etc)

Isn’t SecuROM the same software that Sony had problems with? Or am I getting confused. Sony lost their lawsuit (though it was DRM on a music CD), so I wonder how much chance EA has…