22 June 2008

Recent Photos

by Anton Piatek

I thought it’s about time I mentioned the photos I have been taking recently

Some are random (as seen below)


I also snapped a close-up of some ants and other insects (aphids?)) eating at the stem of my sunflower. I was quite surprised at the detail I got, though admittedly it was with my ef-s 60mm macro lens


I also got a nice shot of a bee while on a walk one lunchtime at work


And then there is my whole set of photos from Hinton Ampner, which I realised I didn’t have the old ones from last year up, so theres a fair few in there including a whole pile trying to catch a bee flying. (click on the photo below to see the whole set)

Hinton Ampner{}

And I recently took photos of the Hursley Model Railway (again click on the image below to see the whole set). Some of these were done with an off-camera flash with a coloured gel, which produced some interesting effects, though not very life-like.

Hursley Model Railway{}