21 March 2008

Physics Games

by Anton Piatek

I have been wanting to write about this for a while (well, since Roo first wrote his post) but wasnt sure whether to just point to Roo’s post, or whether to repeat the contents of it here. I have decided that posting the 4 videos would feel too much like plagarism, so check out Roo’s post: Physics Games

It is a collection of Physics based computer games – “Boring” you may think, but in fact they are quite cool (very cool in fact). Don’t think about out, click the link above and watch the videos. I have downloaded Phun, and it is indeed a lot of fun. The thing in common with all the games is that they all have somewhat realistic physics engines (in fact that is the main part of all the games).

tags: cool - games - physics - simulation - Technology