9 February 2008

The Mother of all Telephotos

by Anton Piatek

If you have $100,000 spare and like zoom lenses, you may want to think about this one:

The Mother of all Telephotos | B&H Photo Video
If you’re into bird watching, the holy grail would have to be the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, a huge (20″ tall with a 30″ wingspan), yet incredibly elusive woodpecker that despite reports of extinction, is spotted every now-and-then deep in the boonies of Florida and Arkansas. It’s also known as the ‘Lord G-d’ woodpecker because that’s what spotters have been known to blurt out – often accompanied by soiled trousers – when dive-bombed by one. ‘Lord G-d’ has also been exclaimed – minus the soiled trousers – by those seeing a Canon 1200/5.6L USM for the first time. At 36lbs, 33″ long and 9″ wide at the front element, calling this lens a ‘tele’ is like calling King Kong a monkey.

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