23 November 2007

Photo of the week

by Anton Piatek

I have decided that I will try to post an interesting photo each week, along with details of how I shot it and the difficulties faced. This is both to force me to try and take some photos in a new style, but also to get some feedback from my readers (you) about the styles involved. If you have seen anything done that you think is worth trying to reverse engineer and reproduce then let me know in the comments and I will endeavor to figure it out.

The photo this week is a shot of a bottle of washing up liquid, focusing on the macro detail of little bubbles formed by giving it a good shake. I actually have three photos, taken slightly differently as i liked all of them.

All photos used a speedlight sat right behind the washing up bottle, with the camera in front with a speedlight set not to fire (only used to trigger the speedlight on the other side). The speedlight was set to ETTL auto, so the camera decided how bright to fire the flash.

The first photo has the flash below the angle of the lens, which shows in the darker bubbles at the top of the photo. The flash actually fired through the label of the bottle, diffusing the flash slightly.

green bubbles{.tt-flickr}

The second photo has the flash lined up directly in line with the camera, and you can see pattern of the flash bulb in the photo.
green bubbles{.tt-flickr}

The final photo has the flash almost in line with the camera, but diffused through the label to give an even lighting. You can see some of the text from the label in the photo.

green bubbles{.tt-flickr}

tags: bubbles - green - off camera flash