14 November 2007

The problem with moving photos

by Anton Piatek

I am moving my photos into Flickr (at quite a slow pace to be honest) and as I pay per GB for my hosting here, I figured I could finally remove my photos from this site and just link to the ones on flickr… however this is not as easy as it sounds as I have quite a few of them linked into posts here. There is no easy way to migrate these, you can’t automate it because flickr doesn’t seem to track the original filename of photos, and doing it by hand is tedious to say the least.

I am not sure if it is worth the effort, and maybe I should just put a comment in each of the posts with photos to say thay are on flickr and youll have to find them yourself?

Hopefully flickr will be the last time I have to move photos – even if I decide on something better to hots my photos on, there is no need to delete them from flickr