11 July 2007

Too many worms

by Anton Piatek

I think I have figured out what takes up all my free time (which could have been spent blogging). My girlfriend bought a copy of Worms 4 Mayhem (I am sure that there have been 4 worms games before it, but hey) for the Playstation 2. It is much like the other Worms games, but is 3D. The animation is pretty good, though could perhaps have been better (maybe I am too used to 3D PC games?). The weapons are mostly the same, but there are some weapons not in this version, and some new ones. You can create your own weapons which is fun, but ultimately there was probably something similar in the other worms games – you can tailor it for exactly what you want though.

The game is immense fun, and we have only really played the one game stye (normal deathmatch, you also have games with bases and I think a king of the hill style game). It is the first game for the playstation we have found that we both enjoy so much.  It is quite likely to keep me occupied for a long, long time.