7 May 2007


by Anton Piatek

Saturday was spent paintballing with 7 friends from work down at Delta Force, Romsey. I have been paintballing several times, but not in the last few years. The center was very nice, and well run. The game areas were fabulous, though much smaller than Skirmish, Lasham where I have mostly played.

The games included a wonderful bridge game (3 bridges and no other way across) first thing in the morning, which Pete and I stormed across, flanking the other team and completely destroying them. Another game had the purpose of gaining control of 5 huts, in which we excelled as well – not to mention being fantastic fun. After that, the marshalls were looking to move some people from the winning team to the losing one, as the teams were hardly balanced. I persuaded them to move the four of us that had been split up back into one big group on the losing team, and that balanced out the teams a bit. We ended up losing the day but we were there for the fun, not the certificates.

The day was not paricularly cheap, and comparing to Skirmish’s website, they might have been cheaper (though much further away). The lunch was dissappointing, so bring your own – Skirmish once had a whole hog roast for lunch, but then they seem to have a huge number more people as well as much bigger game areas to play in.

Overall though, it was a fantastic day out and only left me with one nasty looking bruise and a few sore spots.