30 April 2007

Red Hat education

by Anton Piatek

I spent all of last week on the Red Hat Rapid Training and Certification course trying to learn more about linux.

I certainly learnt a hell of a lot, and the 4 day course was a lot of work and very tiring. The exam however made all that seem relaxing. I have never sat a full day exam before, and it is not exactly a peacful exercise. Unfortunately I cannot say much about the exam as I have signed a non-disclosure agreement about it, but parts were easy and some parts were hard.

As it turns out some parts were very hard as I did not get enough marks to qualify for Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) – I did get enough for Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT).

I am really a Debian user at heart, but the Red Hat course showed how similar the two can be, though there are certain parts that have differences. The biggest difference is probably that when you install a new server program/package in Debian, it comes with a fairly normal config file and starts up running. In Red Hat the config will be fairly restrictive and the service will not be started for you, nor will it be set to restart on reboot.

I have no plans to move away from Debian though, but the Red Hat experience was really informative and the course certainly got me setting up things I would probably never have done otherwise…