2 April 2007

New Macro Lens

by Anton Piatek

Singapore Orchid

I recently got a new Canon EF-S 60mm f2.8 Macro lens, so will probably have too many photos of small things soon.


Macro photography is a lot harder than it looks because the focus is very difficult to get right, so you need lots and lots of light. I was actually surprised to find that both my built-in camera flash and my speedlight both seem to actually work for this, though probably arent as good as a proper macro flash…


I decided that for a change I would post my photos up on Flickr, and tried out jUploadr – Wow!

All photo upload apps should look like this!!

Anyway, there are a few more photos in my Macro Set and I may well keep using Flickr (mostly so I can have some photos up there to get Moo cards!) so you might find all future Macro shots in that set. I just need to figure out a bit more about what I can/cannot do with a basic account with Flickr.