26 March 2007

IS02 v2 released (inc. stats and accounting viewer)

by Anton Piatek

The extra project I had been working on before christmas has finally been approved and is released! The IS02 Broker Explorer support pack (v2) contains a whole pile of new features, including:

  • Control of remote brokers/config managers
  • Association of a broker with a config manager (local or remote)
  • Deploying a bar file (broker archive) to multiple execution groups at once
  • Viweing of accounting and statistics data, as well as remote control of accounting and statistics collection (snapshot data)

It is available for download from the IBM Support Website, and has now been released as a category 2 support pack, which means support for it is available from IBM.〈=en

There should be a Developer Works article on it soon, I will let you know when it has been published!

[ Let me know what you think of the stats and accounting bit, as that is my code 🙂 ]