11 March 2007

Nine Inch Nails

by Anton Piatek

On Wednesday night I went to see Nine Inch Nails as a christmas present from my little brother. We got to Brixton Academy shortly after 7pm, having paid over £30 for the train, when the gig tickets cost only £25! The first band was not on until eight, and I should have gone into the pub just outside that had advertised NIN starting at nine as the first band was rubbish.

Nine Inch Nails played an awesome hour and a half set, with lots of new and old songs. The theatrics of the performance were the best I have seen. An incredible amount of lighting, including more strobes than I have ever seen and enough smoke to completely hide the band at times made it quite a spectacle to watch. They also had several hanging lights, just over the heads of the band and they swung these around so that the lights flashed on and off while moving, making the whole performance quite different and dark.

This gig was most definitely one of the best I have ever been to! One of the best received songs was probably Hurt, which started with just Trent Reznor singing and playing piano, and the rest of the band only joined in right at the end. If you have not heard the Johnny Cash cover of this song, it is definitely worth a listen too!