11 January 2007

Life in level 3 service

by Anton Piatek

So I have had a few days to start settling in to Message Broker Level 3 Service. So far I have only managed two PMR’s (Problem Maintenance Request – what the customer opens when they have a problem with our product). They have both been customer errors. This is not to say that the error is between the keyboard and the chair, but that they missed something important and hence are not getting the results they expected.

There is nothing like looking at a list of customer problems that couldn’t be solved by earlier support people to make you feel like you know nothing about the software. Most of the problems coming in look incredibly complex to solve, so I will probably struggle for a while trying to learn more about the product. I suppose that if anyone knew all the answers then there wouldn’t be a need for a whole team so I am expecting to be doing lots of new stuff over the next several months.
Once I have my computer set up properly I will probably be creating some code fixes too, which should be fun.

My other piece of work, which I unfortunately cannot talk about the details at this time is also keeping me busy. Presentations are being prepared to show off the product to various IBM teams, particulary Lab Services (these guys go out to the customer and do some complex custom work for the customer, and proof concept work etc) and Technical Sales, and more and more ideas are coming in on how to change/improve the code. I am not sure when I will find the time to work on this so I could be busy for a while.

Blue fusion continues to keep me busy, and with only 8 weeks to go now time is getting precious. The activities are all coming along smoothly, and most are sounding very interesting indeed. I will certainly have to test some of these games, as they should be pretty good fun!

Most other organisation for the event is on track too, so the only big thing to do now is give a presentation to senior management in the labs tomorrow morning. It will be slightly scary to stand up in front of all the high level managers, but it will also be really good to get their feedback on our plans for the event.