7 January 2007

A Long Holiday

by Anton Piatek

So I have been on holiday since the week before Christmas, and my blog has been sorely neglected. Unfortunately that is what happens when I have lots of Stargate to watch as well as Ghost In The Shell (Standalone Complex). I have also been watching too many DVD’s (some were presents, others bought, and one or two borrowed) and reading a couple of books. It has been a really nice way to spend a few weeks.

I have been tempted to write about the many DVD’s watched or the books read, but probably had better not or else I will not get the chance to sleep before I go back to work tomorrow.

I am (in theory anyway) moving departments in work tomorrow. I am leaving the Message Broker Performance Team (part of Development), after an exciting six months there, to move to the Level 3 Service team (highest level of support for Message Broker). It will be a bit of a challenge working in service as the buck stops there, the problem must be fixed. I guess that is one of the reasons that companies choose IBM – the support for products is first class, none of the excuses you get from smaller companies who refuse to fix a problem. It should also be very exciting to work there, and the customer contact will be interesting too. Hopefully more about that later in the week.

It has been a long haul to catch up on all the blogs I have missed. Speaking of which, anyone know any really good feed readers for linux? I currently use bloglines, which is great as I can then read my feeds from my xda (phone+pda) anywhere, but having something that tracks comments on the feeds would be nice. I miss not being able to see the followups (I used to use a windows program for reading feeds which did this, but am moving to Linux wherever possible, so windows only is no good to me…) The other alternative I suppose is to write my own web based feed reader. It can’t be that hard really…

I took a few photos while on holiday, some are already up in the gallery but I will try to go through the others soon and get them all sorted out and online soon!