14 December 2006

Living the social life

by Anton Piatek

The last few days have seen two socials at work for me. First I had a Christmas pub lunch with the test department as I spent the first six months of the year there, and then yesterday we had a thank-you trip to London for the whole department. The thank-you was of course for the realease of the latest version of the product, which was almost a year ago and well overdue.
Yesterday was the most interesting, as we went to see The Producers in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Despite having lived in London for three years during my degree, and a year after I never got round to seeing a West End musical.
I thoroughly enjoyed the show – the cast were incredibly talented, and the whole thing incredibly well produced. I would recommend it to anyone, though it stops running soon.
Then we went for dinner in Simpson’s-in-the-Strand, part of the Savoy. The food there was incredible. I have to say that it was the best steak I have ever had! The service however was not what I expected from the Savoy. I was wondering if perhaps I should have had a tie on, but in retrospect it was certainly not necessary. Maybe the main restaurant is better, but the private function room we had simply lacked the quality of service I was expecting. I won’t bash them too much, but suffice to say I have had better service in cheaper places.