10 October 2006

Birthday gig: AFI at Brixton Academy

by Anton Piatek

My little bro got me tickets for AFI at Brixton Academy last night. I am quite a fan of AFI, and they played a very good set. I was quite surprised by the glittering pink eye shadow, which glows in UV light, that the lead singer was wearning. The girls there seemed to like the very tight clothing though…

The venue though seems to be worse than I remember it. It was incredibly packed, so moving round was hard – and I never had trouble on the numberous occasions I have been there before. The mosh pits were almost non-existent, which is a real shame as I really enjoy them. Also, everyone seemed to be more interested in taking a photo of the band on their camera, or mobile phone than actually enjoying the gig (I guess that is the result of the pervasiveness of digital cameras, not to mention how cheap they are getting).

The gig did leave me feeling very old. The whole crowd seemed to be just 12 year olds. Maybe I am just getting too old for it all…

The journey back to Southampton was less than convenient (especially as I am used to living in London where I can just catch a bus or tube back home). It took me 2 hours to get home, and that was with little waiting and a fairly fast train. Then I had to get a taxi as no trains actually called at my stop that late at night.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the gig, but next time I am going to arrange staying the night at a friends in London and working from somewhere in London the next day – IBM has several offices in London, so this plan might work 🙂