14 August 2006

Firefly & Serenity

by Anton Piatek

When Serenity came out in the cinema’s, I had not idea what it was or where it came from. Talking to people at work, I was told I had to see it, but that I also had to watch Firefly first. So I borrowed the dvd’s (as I do not think it was shown on TV on this side of the pond) and watched them with my girlfriend. By the time we finished we missed Serenity in the cinema, but I just got it on DVD. The whole lot is awesome.

The basic story is a odd mix of futuristic space travel crossed with a western feel. Both the series and film follow the crew of Serenity – an ageing space craft led by Captain Malcom ‘Mal’ Reynold. The crew are all incredible characters, and each has enough depth to keep you not just interested but begging for more. The crew pick up two fugitives and they form a large basis of the story as they run from the “alliance”.

The series got cancelled after 11 episodes on Fox, in the US, which is a real shame as it is the best TV I have seen in a very long time. Director Joss Whedon produced magic with the series and the film, and it is far better than his previous works (Buffy and Angel)

The film, Serenity, fills in some of the storyline at the end of the episodes, but will stand on its own just fine. It is a shame that there will probably not be any more episodes of Firefly, but hopefully the next time something this incredible is created we won’t have to rely on TV companies to air it and keep it running as direct internet TV is not that far off.