14 August 2006

DVD’s vs. Cinema

by Anton Piatek

I have bought several DVD’s recently. Spiderman & Spiderman 2 (for £6/7 for both from, Batman Begins and Serenity (both for £5 each from asda). I don’t mind missing them in the cinema too much. I get annoyed with cinema’s that don’t (can’t?) focus films properly, and having been a projectionist myself I cannot understand why (it is not that hard!). Why should I spend the same amount of money (or more to take my girlfriend) on going to see a blurry film, when I can buy the DVD for the same price a short while later? Not to mention that if I want any popcorn/snacks in the cinema, I either have to smuggle it in or get robbed by the prices the cinema’s charge.

I cannot help but feel that it would be a better investment to buy a pc projector and just get all my films on dvd. Then I can watch them again with friends whenever I want!