29 July 2006

Pirates of the carribean

by Anton Piatek

Last weekend i went to see Pirates of the Carribean. As we were about to head in we noticed that the whole mall was blocked off by the fire brigade (3 Fire engines, 2 fire cars, 2 police cars). Asking a fireman at the door simply revealed that they were about to evacuate the place, but it should only be temporary.

So a quick trip to the supermarket across the road for snacks and then we were allowed in – all we had to do was smuggle our food into the screen.

The film itself was good, but nothing compared to its prequel. The story felt very stretched, with lots of extra detail in battle and chase scenes that sas mostly unecessary. Some comedy chace schenes lifted the mood, but there were several scenes where people were being attacked, ships being smashed yet nobody seemed to be dead and no ships sunk at the end of the stretched out performances.

Talk about leaving it open for the sequel – the film ends with the baisc plot for the next film. They probably should have shortened the fight scenes and made this and the next film one longer film, even though it already felt quite long.