27 March 2006

Moving a blog

by Anton Piatek

No, I am not moving, but a friend is… From Blogger to WordPress.

The Lost Oupost has moved, and it raises some interesting questions. Such as how do you get everything moved? The posts and comments are just some hacking of mysql, but how about external links and search engines?

I have never been one to rate my blog, but I suppose if it ever got a decent rating I might care more about it, so how do you transfer that over to your new blog?

I suppose you could try an apache 301 redirect if you have access to your own server, but I doubt if blogger lets you do that. What about with javascript? Doesn’t work very nicely…

I guess the best thing you could do is try to write a script to forward users and pass the old address, giving a temporary redirect with the new site and new page, and then either have that processed on the old server, or have the new one do it. Not a very nice solution, but then when you don’t host your own server you have limited options…