20 March 2006

The Best Computer Game Ever?

by Anton Piatek

I have been Google Desktop Search through work, and have to say I have found it really useful. It also has a section of “hot stuff”. I have no idea where the data for it comes from, probably the popularity of searches. Anyway, I clicked on a link there called Spore and was pleasantly surprised to find a video on google on what has to be the coolest video game I have ever seen.

Maxis have excelled again with Spore.  They have taken the  feedback from people playing The Sims and  gone and written an awesome fully precedural computer game.

It is difficult to explain exactly what all this means in laymens terms, but an article on gamespy might help (But watch the above video!! It is incredible!).

This is the one game that I will most defenitely buy, and those that know me know how reluctant I am to part with hard earned cash for computer games. This game is like all their others in that there is no end or winning point, but it is so freeform that there seems to be absolutely nothing that you can’t do in it.