8 March 2006

Too good

by Anton Piatek

I gave up on the train last night. I was supposed to be working on documentation for my activities for Blue Fusion, but instead nipped through the first chapter of Quake II.

That Game is awesome, and a lanmatch with it is most defenitely in order…

Cringely is writing again about P2P being the future of film distribution and while I have known this for ages, he actually has some really interesting research in his latest post – Peering into the Future. If you have any interest in the area of films or music, and online distribution I suggest your read at least the second half of his post, as he has found some wonderful examples of companies trying to make it a reality today

Blue Fusion starts on friday, and I am setting up tomorrow so this should be fun. My 26 button floor dance mat controll I have built from scratch is almost done, so hopefully will work beautifully.