21 February 2006


by Anton Piatek

So I finally got fed up with drupal. There is nothing really wrong with it, but wordpress is simply so much simpler and neater. The new version has a nice gui editor for posts and there is a really good integration with gallery2 called g2image. It plugs into tinyMCE, the editor used in wordpress, and lets you insert images from your gallery by browsing the gallery in a pop-up window.
So with some help I imported all the old posts and links from drupal. I couldn’t be bothered to do the comments, and unfortunately the passwords wouldn’t move so you will have to create a new user account (if you want one that is).

The only issue with wordpress is that I have set moderation on the comments requiring any post to be authorised first. Your first comment will be held, but then once I have approved it it should allow you to post instantly. The only problem is that it does not tell you that it is being held for moderation (and it seems that having a user account does not help either). Maybe I will turn off the option, or maybe I will just change the code to tell you that your comment is being moderated… who knows.

I am also testing out a gui blog porgram called zempt. I have yet to find one I like, but this one is not too bad, though I might end up writing my own. What I want is one that automatically gets new posts from your blog and keeps the last few offline so you can edit them or refer to them. It should also let you write posts, and then hold them until you are online and then post them automatically – this is what none of them do at the moment. They all allow saving, but save as a file not as a pending submission. Basically I want an ‘outbox’ for blog posts in the program…