29 September 2005


by Anton Piatek

The bus drivers near work really have no idea.

The bus I catch in the morning from the train station to work, is run specially for the train company. I am on my third or fourth ticket, and am pretty sure that it is the right one, but the bus driver this morning almost didn’t let me on! I don’t know what the point of running a bus service for the trains is if the drivers are going to try and make you buy another ticket on top of the one you already bought to cover the bus.

The IA64 platform I was working on yesterday was dropped (apparently the service [i.e. after sales tech support] couldn’t get their hands on a machine with that hardware to actually offer support for it). So today I was working on HPUX (HP’s Unix). It is horrible… all the niceties of command line Linux are gone. It won’t let you scroll left or right to edit the command you are typing, there is no tab completion, no command history (i.e. press up to get the last used command again) and worst of all the backspace key doesn’t work!
If anyone knows some good tips for setting up HPUX to work more like a decent *nix shell, please tell me!

Anyway, HPUX was short lived, as the patches I was supposed to be testing refused to install, so tomorrow I will be using Sun Solaris. This should be better than today, as bash is available (apparently). So all I have to do is read loads of documentation tomorrow and carry out the test cases that have been assigned to me… fun!