7 July 2005

Cows and Sheep

by Anton Piatek

So I just spent the last few days in Northern Ireland with my girlfriend.

The first day there (well, the next morning as we arrived late in the evening) I went with her family to a Christian Festival thing, called Summer Madness. I am a confirmed Christian, but have not been to church for a while, and if you ignore Xmas and Easter, I have not been to a service in years. It was kind of odd to go to this, but I quite enjoyed it…

Then we headed out to a lake, which I have forgotten the name of, and had lunch out there. We were lucky and had reasonable weather, so we headed on to the Silent Valley. It’s name is from the fact that it is Silent (Well, duh…) and it is a large reservoir for water for Belfast. It was quite nice, but short lived as the rain finally caught up with us.

We hired a car another day, as we found we could get a Ka for £25 for the day, which was damn amazing, as most places wouldnt insure me as I am under 23, not to mention that they were all more like £40 or more.

We drove off somewhere into the counrtyside, and took a scenic road to find somewhere for the picnic lunch we brought with us. We eventually ended on a headland, with a view of the sea though you could hardly see it through the cloud. There were 4 or so cars parked there, and several cows and a whole pile of sheep. (Photos to follow)

So we had lunch there, sat in the car as the cows did seem slightly menacing as they licked the cars. Occasionally they would walk right up past the car, and stop and stare at you. It was a very odd feeling. Staring into the huge dark eyes of an animal that could push the entire car off the edge of the hill if it wanted to.

The other thing that happened over the last few days, is that while waitin for the delayed flight over, I decided to buy a book. I had never read any of the harry potter books, so bought the first one.

Merely five days later, and I am halfway through the third book, and looking at a cheap place to buy the fourth. If I keep up this pace I might have to buy a copy of the new one when it comes out, instead of waiting for a friend to finish their copy.